Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trade Show Necessities

I am fond of going to trade exhibits and trade show booths in malls and galleries. The last time I was into some exhibits was last year when there was a wedding and bridal exhibits in one of the malls here. I noticed that the business owner's or the exhibitor's banner stand contributes to the publicity of the company. In addition, the pipe and drapes that the exhibitors use are noticeably elegant and color coordinated. Those exhibitors who owns a catering services also showcases unique designs of table skirts to make center tables, buffet tables and cake table look more classy and elegant.
For those interested business owners who are planning for a new way of promoting their products and services, check out this amazing site of camelback displays and you will see brilliant ideas and tips plus high quality materials you will need in your future exhibits. For those couples who are planning get married, you too can avail of camelback's retractable screen for you live video coverage and banners for your guest's pictorial. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

10 Tips for Newly Married Couples

I found this article in my back up My documents folder. I must have saved it long time ago.

1- Never forget romance
Don’t underestimate the power of a sweet word or a warm caress, a candlelight dinner accompanied with music, it can work wonders. So despite of your hectic schedules find the time to express your love and never take your partner for granted.

2- Don’t lose the sense of humor
Trying to lighten up a gloomy situation, looking at the bright side of the things would certainly be the positive and right way to deal with the difficult times.

3- Keep the respect for each other
If you don't have admiration for each other, things will not work. An indication of lack of compassion, good manners and mutual respect especially during heated discussions or difficult situations will be the poison that kills your love and marriage gradually. Don't let anything get in the way of respecting each other.

4- Dont handcuffs your partner
Marriage is not a prison sentence; it's a lifetime commitment of love, companionship and
understanding. You both need breathing space; that way love will flourish and grow.

5- Don’t struggle over authority and power
Marriage is certainly not a battle field. You are not opponents, you are companions. In a marriage you must learn to compromise and to let go every once in a while, if you find your partner is getting ready for a big fight, surprise him/her by giving in, then you can find the right time for a comprehensive discussion if necessarily.

6- Be honest
Face your problems, admit that they exist and work on solving them. Hiding behind a screen will not make them disappear, and ignoring them will only build them up into a dormant volcano ready to erupt at any time, pouring out lava of pain, anger and disappointment.

7- Keep the balance between giving and taking
Love is all about giving, but mind you, this does not mean that one party should take advantage of the other; it can't mean endless giving from one partner and endless taking from the other. There is a thin line between the two partners of giving and taking each in his way.

8- It is just the two of you
Keep your marriage details and problems for yourselves and dont let people influence your marriage. Always remember that anyone beside you and your partner is a third party even your mother, sister, and best friend.

9- Keep marriage sexually satisfying
Don’t be embarrassed to talk about your sexual needs or fears with your partner, if you are not satisfied in bed or if you feel that your partner has a sexual problem, choose the right moment and discuss it with him.

10- Its takes time
Both of you are used to different things, different habits; how you eat, when you sleep and even when and what to watch in TV, so you have to understand that it is take time and effort from both of you to get used to living together.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to Ask A Girl for Marriage

Gentlemen nowadays are very innovative when comes to proposing to their girlfriends. Some are grandiose, some chose to have it over a simple dinner. My husband proposed to me inside the church where we first met and the same church where we said our I do's.

Guys here are some tips that you might want to apply when proposing marriage to your girl.

  1. Make sure you find the right person before you propose marriage.
    How to Know if You Are Marrying the Right Person

  2. Fall in love.

  3. Although it is a bit dated tradition, know enough about your future in-laws to know if they would like it if you ask permission from them before you propose marriage.

  4. Know enough about your future spouse so you can create a meaningful and delightful experience.
    Questions to Discuss BEFORE You Get Married

  5. Decide if you are going to purchase the engagement ring before or after you propose marriage.

  6. When purchasing an engagement ring, make sure you stay within your budget or financial capability.

  7. Pay attention to timing. Don't plan on proposing marriage when your future spouse is stressed or overwhelmed.

  8. Pick a memorable place, song, or occasion such as where you first met, or first kissed, etc.

  9. Set a romantic tone for your marriage proposal.

  10. Although we don't recommend that you do something silly like tying the engagement ring to a kite string or fishing line, we do think you should try to keep your marriage proposal fun.

  11. Keep your marriage proposal simple. The more complicated the marriage proposal is, the more things that could go wrong with your proposal plans!

  12. Make sure you don't lose the engagement ring if you've purchased one and hid it. Some folks hide an engagement ring so well that even they can't find it.

  13. Keep your marriage proposal private. Proposing in front of your future spouse's family or at a sports stadium may be exciting in the movies, but in real life, it is best to keep your marriage proposal just between the two of you.

  14. Again ... if you are thinking of tying the ring to the end of a kite string or fishing line, be certain that your intended has a great sense of humor and that you know how to tie a good knot!

  15. Share Your Marriage Proposal Stories!


  1. Be prepared to have your best-laid marriage proposal plans fall apart.

  2. Focus more on the moment than on the engagement ring and other externals surrounding your marriage proposal.

  3. Try not to give your plans away by showing how nervous you are.

What You Need:

  • A plan
  • A location
  • An engagement ring
  • Lots of love

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Couples opt to have a color motif for their weddings to give uniformity and also exude uniqueness of their big day among other weddings. One color that is commonly use is RED. This is because we know that red symbolizes fire and love and maybe because red is the most striking and bold color suitable for weddings.
In choosing the details for weddings with a red color motif, the couple should carefully handpick the best red colored wedding invitations that would reflect both their personalities. For those interested and are planning to have a red, luscious wedding, refer to the site and you will see a wide variety of designs to choose from with a very reasonable price. Have fun, savor the moment and the experience of preparing your own wedding!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Honeymoon Destination in the Philippines

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Joys in Loving

It is simply an unexplainable feeling when you love. There is a certain joy and a sense of fulfillment even every time we say "i love you" to our husband, parents, siblings and friends. This is maybe because it is something we are born and bound to say these words all the time but due to some unforeseen circumstances we are not able to relay it to them but when given a chance, the feeling just burst out into something beyond any words can describe.