Friday, August 27, 2010

Im sick

I went to my night shift duty last night feeling well and hyped. I received the endorsement together with PICU charge nurse, Henry. At around 9pm my tummy began to complain.. I'm hungry, I didn't not had my dinner yet. So I asked my friend chin and jr to buy us a dinner. They bought corned beef and egg. Henry, as the host of PICU, offered to cook the food. Because I'm dead hungry, I suggested to him not to overdo the eggs since the corned beef is hot, it will be cook eventually. We ate till there almost nothing left on the plate. We were satisfied. Comes 11 o'clock in the evening, I suddenly felt difficulty in breathing and was having dry cough. I right there and then concluded that i was having an allergic reaction because I have already experienced the symptoms in the past. I asked our resident physician to check on me, she said, I just need to rest and let my body recover. So I did. Henry let me sleep for a fews hours but when I woke up, the symptoms didn't subside and this time I was feeling cold and feverish. Chin brought me to the er, had my laboratories and was advised to rest for 5 days. When I reached home, I took my prescribed meds and slept the whole day. Was feeling feeling alot better the day after but i thought I could use the 5 day rest given to me, so I took a leave of absent from work.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Today marks the day when my friend Orville and Darryl unite their hearts as one in the altar of the Lord. I don't mind coming from a night duty and going straight to hotel where we are going to be made up for the wedding. I was extremely excited for this day. I get to see old friends and bond with them like the way we used to. I'm so excited to see Orville walking down the aisle and him singing while waiting for his bride... Oh sooooo romantic! Well I guess, I just have to end this one and get ready! ciao!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have never been this excited for quite sometime! I heard a good news!!!! A friend told me that we are going to dance and have some sort of a reunion of the old tambourine dancers. My oh my!!!1 I haven't dance for years!!!! I can feel my blood rush through my veins! Oh I can't wait for our first practice! This is going t0 be soooooo much fun!