Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to All!!!!

It's Christmas time once again!!!! I'm so happy that my brother from manila came over to celebrate christmas with us. It felt just like the good ol' days.... those days when we were still young and we would gather around the table to have our noche buena. A little sad because my hubby went home to zamboanga to celebrate christmas with his mother. We had our usual exchanging of gifts. I got a wallet from my sister and a purse from my soon-to-be sister-in-law, Sue. Ronald surprise with a gift that he left under our christmas tree before he went home to zamboanga. It was a watch, an elegant yet simple watch, the very thing I want for christmas.... Thanks byngks! We had our yearly reunion last night and it was a blast! Everybody was having fun with the food, games and gift giving sessions! Indeed christmas for us is something to look forward to every year.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Need Help?

Trying and Trying

In the past few months that I am away from the blogging world, I have been seeing my doctor. My husband and I wants to have a baby now. I submitted myself for a series of tests and exams and found out that I have a polycystic left ovary. It means to say that my egg cells don't mature well that is why it can't be fertilize. I have been taking medications since, just to help my egg cell mature and my cycle in regular pattern. It has been very difficult for us because we really wanted a baby and yet I conceive one as of now. We're praying and hoping that everything will turn out that way we expect is after the treatment.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fairy Tales, A Girls Happy Ending

Who says that fairy tales don't always have a happy ending? For me they will always have a happy ending if we are going to make it one. As a little girl, stories of Princesses like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are my all time favorite. I watch the original cartoon almost everyday. Well that is one story per day as my mom and dad would freak out that I'm always in front of the television.
Growing up, I learn to appreciate the stories of these fairy tales in its deeper sense. My fondness on these princesses grew even more. This time I pictured out what my future prince charming would be? Silly and childish right? But that was the start of my eagerness and interest in wedding.
At the time while I was preparing for my wedding, I looked into something that would bring out the princess in me. I checked on cheap wedding invites and save the date cards. I looked into Cinderella Cards since it is one of my favorite and finally have it as the motiff for my wedding.
So for those of you princesses out there, make your dream, your fairy tale come true and check out this amazing website.

Missing Everybody Here!!!

Hello guys! How are you all doing? It's been what.... 3 months since my last posts. What's up? Even though I am not that active in posting here, I gather wedding ideas in the last few months that I am away. I have been attending weddings of my college and highschool friends and somewhere learn something from the experiences. Soon I will be sharing them all to you! See you around!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Direct TV at your Service

Are you getting tired of your usual day to day activities? Do you want to unwind and relax yet you are seeing the same tv program over and over again? Does your cable tv provider efficient enough in the services they offer? I found just the right answer for you. Let me introduce to you Direct Television, cable tv service provider that has a lot to offer to people who enjoys watching tv.

Direct tv channels guarantee 100% pure entertainment. For over 265 channels to choose from, you will surely find one channel that would suit your taste and mood. Movie channels such as HBO and Cinemax are included in the long list of direct tv channels. So to all movie lovers, this is one treat you must avail. And because Direct tv wants to accomodate all of their valued costumers, directtv service includes customer care center for those who wants to inquire and avail of their promo packages.

So to all of you who are interested, check out their site and avail of Direct tv services. Direct tv where your money never goes wrong!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Storybook Wedding Album

Tuesday of last week, I finally got our Wedding Album. I was contented with the way it turned out to be. The layout was very simple yet classy, the pictures are nicely treated and arranged. Overall, I am contented with it. I got my money worth..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trade Show Necessities

I am fond of going to trade exhibits and trade show booths in malls and galleries. The last time I was into some exhibits was last year when there was a wedding and bridal exhibits in one of the malls here. I noticed that the business owner's or the exhibitor's banner stand contributes to the publicity of the company. In addition, the pipe and drapes that the exhibitors use are noticeably elegant and color coordinated. Those exhibitors who owns a catering services also showcases unique designs of table skirts to make center tables, buffet tables and cake table look more classy and elegant.
For those interested business owners who are planning for a new way of promoting their products and services, check out this amazing site of camelback displays and you will see brilliant ideas and tips plus high quality materials you will need in your future exhibits. For those couples who are planning get married, you too can avail of camelback's retractable screen for you live video coverage and banners for your guest's pictorial. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

10 Tips for Newly Married Couples

I found this article in my back up My documents folder. I must have saved it long time ago.

1- Never forget romance
Don’t underestimate the power of a sweet word or a warm caress, a candlelight dinner accompanied with music, it can work wonders. So despite of your hectic schedules find the time to express your love and never take your partner for granted.

2- Don’t lose the sense of humor
Trying to lighten up a gloomy situation, looking at the bright side of the things would certainly be the positive and right way to deal with the difficult times.

3- Keep the respect for each other
If you don't have admiration for each other, things will not work. An indication of lack of compassion, good manners and mutual respect especially during heated discussions or difficult situations will be the poison that kills your love and marriage gradually. Don't let anything get in the way of respecting each other.

4- Dont handcuffs your partner
Marriage is not a prison sentence; it's a lifetime commitment of love, companionship and
understanding. You both need breathing space; that way love will flourish and grow.

5- Don’t struggle over authority and power
Marriage is certainly not a battle field. You are not opponents, you are companions. In a marriage you must learn to compromise and to let go every once in a while, if you find your partner is getting ready for a big fight, surprise him/her by giving in, then you can find the right time for a comprehensive discussion if necessarily.

6- Be honest
Face your problems, admit that they exist and work on solving them. Hiding behind a screen will not make them disappear, and ignoring them will only build them up into a dormant volcano ready to erupt at any time, pouring out lava of pain, anger and disappointment.

7- Keep the balance between giving and taking
Love is all about giving, but mind you, this does not mean that one party should take advantage of the other; it can't mean endless giving from one partner and endless taking from the other. There is a thin line between the two partners of giving and taking each in his way.

8- It is just the two of you
Keep your marriage details and problems for yourselves and dont let people influence your marriage. Always remember that anyone beside you and your partner is a third party even your mother, sister, and best friend.

9- Keep marriage sexually satisfying
Don’t be embarrassed to talk about your sexual needs or fears with your partner, if you are not satisfied in bed or if you feel that your partner has a sexual problem, choose the right moment and discuss it with him.

10- Its takes time
Both of you are used to different things, different habits; how you eat, when you sleep and even when and what to watch in TV, so you have to understand that it is take time and effort from both of you to get used to living together.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to Ask A Girl for Marriage

Gentlemen nowadays are very innovative when comes to proposing to their girlfriends. Some are grandiose, some chose to have it over a simple dinner. My husband proposed to me inside the church where we first met and the same church where we said our I do's.

Guys here are some tips that you might want to apply when proposing marriage to your girl.

  1. Make sure you find the right person before you propose marriage.
    How to Know if You Are Marrying the Right Person

  2. Fall in love.

  3. Although it is a bit dated tradition, know enough about your future in-laws to know if they would like it if you ask permission from them before you propose marriage.

  4. Know enough about your future spouse so you can create a meaningful and delightful experience.
    Questions to Discuss BEFORE You Get Married

  5. Decide if you are going to purchase the engagement ring before or after you propose marriage.

  6. When purchasing an engagement ring, make sure you stay within your budget or financial capability.

  7. Pay attention to timing. Don't plan on proposing marriage when your future spouse is stressed or overwhelmed.

  8. Pick a memorable place, song, or occasion such as where you first met, or first kissed, etc.

  9. Set a romantic tone for your marriage proposal.

  10. Although we don't recommend that you do something silly like tying the engagement ring to a kite string or fishing line, we do think you should try to keep your marriage proposal fun.

  11. Keep your marriage proposal simple. The more complicated the marriage proposal is, the more things that could go wrong with your proposal plans!

  12. Make sure you don't lose the engagement ring if you've purchased one and hid it. Some folks hide an engagement ring so well that even they can't find it.

  13. Keep your marriage proposal private. Proposing in front of your future spouse's family or at a sports stadium may be exciting in the movies, but in real life, it is best to keep your marriage proposal just between the two of you.

  14. Again ... if you are thinking of tying the ring to the end of a kite string or fishing line, be certain that your intended has a great sense of humor and that you know how to tie a good knot!

  15. Share Your Marriage Proposal Stories!


  1. Be prepared to have your best-laid marriage proposal plans fall apart.

  2. Focus more on the moment than on the engagement ring and other externals surrounding your marriage proposal.

  3. Try not to give your plans away by showing how nervous you are.

What You Need:

  • A plan
  • A location
  • An engagement ring
  • Lots of love

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Couples opt to have a color motif for their weddings to give uniformity and also exude uniqueness of their big day among other weddings. One color that is commonly use is RED. This is because we know that red symbolizes fire and love and maybe because red is the most striking and bold color suitable for weddings.
In choosing the details for weddings with a red color motif, the couple should carefully handpick the best red colored wedding invitations that would reflect both their personalities. For those interested and are planning to have a red, luscious wedding, refer to the site and you will see a wide variety of designs to choose from with a very reasonable price. Have fun, savor the moment and the experience of preparing your own wedding!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Honeymoon Destination in the Philippines

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Joys in Loving

It is simply an unexplainable feeling when you love. There is a certain joy and a sense of fulfillment even every time we say "i love you" to our husband, parents, siblings and friends. This is maybe because it is something we are born and bound to say these words all the time but due to some unforeseen circumstances we are not able to relay it to them but when given a chance, the feeling just burst out into something beyond any words can describe.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pampering Your Skin Before the Big Day!!!

The day before my wedding day, my cousins treat me to a relaxing spa. According to them, this will bring out my skin's natural glow. We had a 4 hours pampering and I really love it!

Here's some tips I got for you all bride-to-be

Every bride wants her wedding to be picture perfect - from the dress to the flowers to the food at the reception. And of course, brides want to be beautiful, both for the ceremony and for the wedding pictures. Beauty starts with good skin, so start planning ahead to ensure flawless skin on the big day.

There's no makeup that can compete with the glow of healthy skin, so now is the time to get serious about skin care. To help diminish facial wrinkles, you'll want a product that contains peptides, amino acids which stimulate the skin to synthesize its own collage, the substance that keeps your skin firm and elastic. It's proven that peptides twice a day for 30 days will have a substantial impact on your skin.

Chellá, a professional skin care line previously available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, has patented an ingredient called the Chell-X Complex, which contains peptides combined with other key ingredients to stimulate your skin's natural collagen production. Studies show that the collagen peptides in Chellá's products increased the synthesis of collagen by 350 percent.

What that means to you is that your skin will look and feel years younger. The products are easy to use and designed for any skin type, and the complete product line is now available online.

Here are some additional tips to get your skin - and the rest of you -- looking gorgeous for your wedding day:

  • Pay attention to nutrition - when you're stressed, it is easy to fall into the trap of either not eating or eating nothing but junk, and both options can take a toll on your skin. Make a conscious effort to eat a balanced diet. It will give you energy to tackle all those wedding details and keep your skin looking healthy.

  • Look good, feel good - Physical activity is a great stress-buster, and it can help you shed those final few pounds before the wedding; a vigorous workout is also good for your pores. You don't have to work out like you're training for a marathon -- something as simple as a walk after dinner can help clear your mind and get your metabolism going.

  • Take a break - Sure, you have a million and one things to get done, but you need to take time to relax. A massage is the perfect antidote to pre-wedding stress. Since you're already pampering your skin, you won't need a facial, so why not splurge on a manicure or pedicure instead?

  • Get plenty of rest - You'll be better able to deal with any wedding complications if you aren't sleep deprived. And who wants dark circles under their eyes? The amount of sleep you need varies from person to person, but make sure you're getting enough to function at full capacity during the day.

    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    The Ultimate Software

    I have been experiencing lags in my personal computer's performances. It is causing me delays especially when I was still preparing for my wedding. Since, I only have little knowledge on computers and internet connections, I asked my friend, who owns a local computer store, to help me out with my problem. According to him, I need to download File extension Qxd in order to do away with the hassles brought about by the constant upgrading and updating of my computer's operating system. Indeed my friend was right about it, now computer is now perfectly working!
    Try checking out their site and you will see that they offer driver detective system that will instantly updates all of your computer drivers. This system works well both for Apple Mackintosh and Windows computers. This software has the ability to scan and repair your computer system in order to make it work perfectly.
    By reading this site I am now confident that there are indeed solutions with regard to my computer's poor performance. I will be downloading this software myself to ensure my computer's efficiency and safety. Try it for yourself! The site offers free download of this amazing software. Remember its File Extension Qxd, the solution to your computer problem.

    Sunday, April 19, 2009

    Five Preferred Weddings Songs

    I grabbed this tag from my good friend, Meryl. She has been so nice to me and I discovered that we share the same interests. Thanks for this one ryl.

    here are my five preferred wedding songs:
    1. When God Made You - This song was sang by the group called Newsong. The lyrics simply captures my heart.
    2. The Way You Look Tonight - this song was sang by micheal buble. Such a wonderful song, ideal for the couple's first dance
    3. Someone Like You- this song was originally from the play Dr. Jekyl and Hyde. This was sang by my favorite Ms. Leah Salonga. It has a very nice lyrics and melody.
    4. From This Moment - perfect song for couples exchanging their vows.
    5. Seasons of Love - from the broadway musical "The Rent". Very nice lyrics!

    The above mentioned are only a few of my preferred/favorite wedding songs. Check out my previous posts and you will see more!

    Now, I'm tagging my friends Grace, Lizzie and you! Have fun sharing the songs that capture your heart!

    Meme Rules:
    1.Choose any song that fits the event. Any artist and genre will do.
    2.Post your answers and tag five people in your list.
    3. Don't forget to mention and link the person who invited you to play.

    Affordable Wedding Invites

    When we were planning for our wedding, one of our major concern was the wedding invitation. For me, it has to be simple yet elegant. It has to depict our personality without compensating the quality of the invitation. We have to be precise with what we want our invitation to look like so as to lessen the expenses in lay outing and in reprinting the invitation. We looked over the internet for some samples of cheap wedding invitations and indeed I discovered some elegant invitations with nice wordings.

    Looking at the site was a sort of a relief for me. I have found the perfect invitation with a perfect design, just the way we both want it to be. So for all of your wedding invitation and wedding announcement needs, feel free to visit the site and you will see designs from traditional designs to theme wedding designs or anything that would best suit your taste!.

    Friday, April 17, 2009

    Planning Your Honeymoon

    I think honeymoon is probably the most rewarding part after all the hassles of wedding preparation. You now get to relax and spend time together as a couple, this time "alone". Some say it marks the beginning of your married life. If this is so, the couple should hit it off and jump start it right. Here are some practical tips I read on planning your honeymoon....

    Decide on a Honeymoon Budget:

    You may have already decided this when planning your wedding budget. If not, sit down and do this before you decide anything else. Figure out if you have any frequent flier miles or hotel miles that can be used towards your trip. Consider putting all of the wedding expenses on a credit card that earns frequent flier miles for your honeymoon. (Be sure to pay it off every month – you don’t want to start a new marriage with a ton of new debt.)

    Decide When to Go and For How Long:

    First, figure out how many vacation days you have accrued, and how many of them you’ll need before the wedding for last minute planning. (It’s not uncommon for brides to take a week off, and grooms to take a couple of days.) Do you want to leave the morning after your wedding? Or, do you want to have some time after the wedding to unwind and pack when you’ll be more focused on it, and take your honeymoon a few days or even a few weeks later? Another option, for those who don’t have a lot of vacation days, is to take a weekend “mini-moon” after the wedding, and then take a long second honeymoon on your first anniversary.

    Decide Where to Go on Your Honeymoon

    : Each of you should take a few minutes to separately write down what you envision doing on your honeymoon. Do you want somewhere warm or cold? Do you want to go someplace far away and new, or someplace close to home? Do you want a resort where there will be other honeymooners to socialize with, or someplace secluded where it will just be the two of you? Do you want to be in a city with museums, restaurants and nightlife or, do you want there to be lots of athletic activities available? Perhaps you’ll just want to spend a lot of time in the room! Once each of you has your list, compare. Where there are differences, see if there’s one place that might have the best of both worlds.

    Consider Visiting a Travel Agent:

    While most people are booking travel online these days, a travel agent can be extremely helpful when planning a honeymoon. Not only will he or she have ideas about places you might not have thought of, but they’ll be familiar with those details like “do you need a visa?” and when the rainy season is. They might also have special packages or deals to pass on to you.

    Learn More about Where You’re Going:

    It’s never too early to get excited. As soon as you’ve picked a spot, buy a travel book, so you can read about all there is to do and see.

    Arrange for Passports and Visas, if Necessary. Make Sure Your Driver’s License is Up to Date.

    These pesky little details can take time and therefore are one of the first things you should do, once you know where you are going. I’ll never forget the trip where I got to the counter of the rental car agency only to be told that my driver’s license had expired only days before. Luckily the person I was with could rent the car, but I would have been better off with a little forethought.

    Friday, April 10, 2009

    Home and Garden Needs

    Since we have moved into our new home after our wedding, we have a lot of improvements to do. My husband and I are planning on buying home appliances and furniture that would complement the size and color of our interiors. We have no idea on these matters since we are only starting as a couple so I check over the internet for some tips and ideas in home beautification. I discovered a very helpful site called ShopWiki. It is a one-stop online shop that caters all our shopping needs.

    Looking into the home and decor section, I found some interesting things to buy that I think would surely put some colors in our home. The beds and mattresses they feature look very soft and comfortable plus the lamps that makes the room look more cozy.

    Another thing my husband and I are considering is how to maintain the cleanliness of the house, so we checked further into their home maintenance products that indeed will make our life easier. We planned on buying a vacuum cleaner as this would be a big help to us when cleaning the house. One special request I got from my husband is that I should consider buying new garden hose for him. He wanted to do some landscaping in our garden and he needs a hose to water all the plants. Who would have thought that all of these basic home needs are made available online. So if you're have problems with your home care needs, check out this amazing site and enjoy shopping with just a click of your fingers.

    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    Faces of Love

    Want to share this story to all of you who believes in love


    Milton Berle once quipped that "all the world loves a lover --
    except people who are waiting to use the phone."

    Love has many faces. The faces we see so often are ones of
    infatuation and romance. We speak of "falling in love" and feel,
    too, as if we are in free fall. But the face of love I appreciate
    the most is not romance, as much as I am drawn to it, but one I
    can always count on to be there. It is the face of devotion.

    I see that face in the couple who were engaging in a dinner time
    disagreement. To the children's amazement, their father jumped up
    from the table, grabbed two sheets of paper, and said to his
    wife, "Let's make a list of everything we don't like
    about each other." (I don't recommend the technique as an example
    of healthy conflict management. But please finish the story....)

    She agreed and proceeded to write. He, meanwhile, sat and
    glowered. She looked up and he began to write. When she continued
    listing complaints, he stared across the table at her. Again,
    when she looked up he put pen to paper and continued writing. He
    stopped to watch her, and every time she caught his eye, he wrote

    They finally finished. "Let's exchange complaints," he said. They
    gave each other their lists.

    She glanced at his sheet and pleaded, "Give mine back!" All down
    his sheet he had written: "I love you, I love you, I love you."
    Their children have always remembered that moment with humor and

    As much as I enjoy romance, it's an unwavering devotion that I
    need the most. I need to know that love which says, "I will be
    with you through it all." It is a face which can often be seen on
    parents and grandparents, on spouses, and even on very good
    friends. And it is a face which, when I gaze closely enough, I
    can see in it something of the face of God.

    If you haven't noticed that face lately, look closely. You might
    be surprised where you find it!

    Monday, April 6, 2009

    Churches for your Wedding

    Here's a list of churches you may want to check if your planning for your big day!!!


    Manila Cathedral
    San Agustin Church


    Basilica of Sto. Niño
    Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
    Sacred Heart Church
    San Carlos Church
    Santo Rosario Parish


    Our Lady of the Assumption Parish
    St. Joseph Parish
    Redemptorist Church
    St. Paul Parish
    St. Jude Parish
    Sta. Ana Church
    San Pedro Cathedral
    The Ascension of the Lord Parish

    Friday, February 13, 2009

    Love is in the Air

    It's February once again.
    Valentine's Day is just a sleep away.
    Spread the joys of loving.
    Remember, love begets love!
    Happy Hearts Day to all my blogger friends!

    Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Love Verse

    If ever two were one, then surely we.
    If ever man were lov'd by wife, then thee;
    If ever wife was happy in a man,
    Compare with me ye women you can
    I prize thy love more than whole mines og Gold.
    Or all the riches that the East doth hold.
    My love is such that rivers cannot quench,
    Nor ought but love from thee, give recompense.
    Thy love is such I can no way repay,
    The heavens reward thee manifold repay,
    Then while we live, in love let's so persevere
    That when we live no more, we may live ever.

    Ann Bradstreet

    When God Made You

    I could never get enough of this song!
    Hope you'll like it too.

    When God Made You - Newsong

    It's always been a mystery to me
    How two hearts can come together
    And love can last forever
    But now that I have found you, I believe
    That a miracle has come
    When God sends the perfect one

    Now gone are all my questions about why
    And I've never been so sure of anything in my life

    I wonder what God was thinking
    When He created you
    I wonder if He knew everything I would need
    Because He made all my dreams come true
    When God made you
    He must have been thinking about me

    I promise that wherever you may go
    Wherever life may lead you
    With all my heart I'll be there too
    From this moment on I want you to know
    I'll let nothing come between us
    I'll love what ever you love


    He made the sun He made the moon
    to harmonise in perfect tune
    One can't move without the other
    They just have to be together
    And that is why I know it's true
    You're for me and I'm for you
    Cause my world just can't be right
    Without you in my life

    I wonder what God was thinking
    When He created you
    I wonder if He knew everything I would need
    Because He made all my dreams come true
    He must have heard every prayer I've been praying
    Yes, He knew everything I would need
    When God made you
    When dreams come true
    When God made you
    He must have been thinking about me

    Valentine's Day Gift Suggestion

    The Love Day is fast approaching so better plan your moves... Here are some gift suggestions

    1. Flowers - tulips, roses
    2. Chocolate - ferero rocher, kisses, cadbury
    3. Dinner Date - cozy restaurant, bb-q by the beach, fast food chains
    4. Movie Date
    5. Out of Town trip
    6. Beach Escapades

    Thursday, February 5, 2009

    Dashing Brides

    These are my compiled pictures when I was selecting my bridal gown. Hope this would give u an idea.

    I go for gowns that are simple, not so ballooned, and with embroideries

    I also like the idea of having a laced sleeves

    I was also considering a laced bolero to make me look a little thinner

    I love the idea of having a ribbon or silk lace for a belt (color depends on the wedding theme and color motiff)

    10 Commitment to Preserve a Relationship

    Just would like to share this article I read over the internet. Hope it gives you insight on how to sustain your relationship. Read on!

    1- Of course, the most obvious one is : I will be committed to one person- unless a different commitment is made by both partners due to unforeseen and unavoidable conditions.

    2- I will deeply respect my lover. The latest research in psychology has found that disdain is THE relationship killer! (No surprise there...)

    3- I will help my partner grow into his/her most happy, fulfilled self!

    4- Each time I criticize my partner, I will have the courage to look into myself, honestly searching
    for the same trait that irritates me about him/her. This usually occurs in a different arena of life. This introspection will often lead you (surprisingly) to recognize that you do indeed possess the same trait. Therefore, you cannot throw a stone. You will reach a state of compassion: "Like me, my partner does the best he/she can with the conditioning he/she has incurred in life."

    5- I will do whatever it takes to keep and develop the trust of my partner. Trust is the foundation of a relationship. One must do anything it takes to maintain that trust.

    6- I will be willing to grow and change when conflicts and challenges arise. Difficulty always rears its head at some point. The couples who are able to grow... through some inner work... (together, not just one of them) will enjoy longevity of togetherness.

    7- I take full responsibility for my own happiness. I will do what I need to do to find inner peace and joy; I will not require my partner to do that for me.

    8- I will let him/her be free to find his/her happiness also, as long as his/her activities are respectful of me as the other committed partner.

    9- I will accept my partner fully, including every "flaw", and stop wishing for him/her to change. When any shortcoming of your partner triggers irritation for you, there two choices: either do your inner work and come to fully accept him/her, or respectfully leave the relationship. People are miserable when they absolutely try to make things work by hoping that their partner will change. They are in total misalignment as they entertain this notion.

    10- I will continue growing and learning so that I evolve into an ever-interesting and multi-faceted individual who has an abundance to offer and share. You will prevent boredom by reinventing your life periodically and preserving the interest and sizzle that began the relationship initially.

    If you observe closely, all of these commitments are in fact based on self-love and on unconditional love. When you learn to love in both these ways, you will automatically support your partner in their own growth and never hinder him/her. In such a supportive environment, there is then no reason for leaving your partner... ever. You become a team, helping each other realize goals (both common and individual) to the fullest.!

    Bridal Gowns

    Nowadays, Bride-to-be has the option to whether buy or rent their gown. If we talk about practicality, renting is the best option. Brides need not pay expensive gowns only to keep them in later. For those brides who would love to have a souvenir of their own gown, might as well have it made by your favorite designer so that you can really get the gown you really wanted.

    I'm still compiling pictures of bridal gowns. Will posting them soon! Keep posted!

    Wedding Themed Movies

    My Best Friend's Wedding
    Runaway Bride
    27 dresses
    The Wedding Singer
    Father of the Bride
    Wedding Crashers
    The Wedding Date
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    The Wedding Planner
    Just Married

    Tuesday, February 3, 2009

    Finding Your one True Love!

    My bestfriend Xiela lend me this Book from Bo Sanchez, it titled " How to find your one True Love". Very catchy isn't? I read the book and learned a lot from it. Bo, explains details and situation in lay mans term that everybody can relate to it. Hope you could find time to read this book and tell all about it! Ciao!

    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    The Entourage

    In formulating and finalizing the entourage, both of you must find time and spare at least half a day to sit down and go over it. Here in the Philippines, it has been a tradition that family members of both sides will be included in the list or else, one will get offended for haven't been invited to be one of the entourage. In a simple talk, it should be equal for both sides.
    1. For Catholic Weddings, decide on the priest who will solemnize your marriage. For n0n-Catholics, decide on the pastor, judge or mayor who will do it.

    2. Principal Sponsors. Decide on how many sponsors or ninongs and ninangs you will get. As much as possible, choose those who are most likely to attend the celebration. It is not nice to see that one of the sponsors is walking down the aisle alone.

    3. Secondary Sponsors. Some couples preferred their married friends to be one of the sponsors but it is not necessary though.

    4. Maid of Honor. She is usually the bride's single sister or bestfriend
    Matron of Honor. She is usually the bride's married sister or bestfriend or anybody closest to her.

    5. Best Man. Usually a brother or the bestfriend of the groom. Some preferred a bachelor friend.

    6. Bridesmaids. Most of the time, they are from the bride's relative and friends but if the groom has a sister who is not married, she can also be one of the bridesmaid.

    7. Groomsmen. They are the bridesmaids' partner. Maybe a relative or friend of the groom and also the bride.

    8. Flower Girls and Bearers. They can be taken from both sides. Be sure that they are old enough to walk down the aisle alone and can f0llow instructions.

    Monday, January 12, 2009

    Wedding Planning

    Every couple has the option to hire a coordinator or planner or plan the wedding by themselves. The advantages of hiring one is that the couple will be free of the responsibilities needed in the preparation, they are free from the stress brought about in the planning and preparation stages. In the contrary, one of the disadvantages in hiring a coordinator/planner is that it is expensive because you are paying for their expertise, connection to the suppliers and the supplies itself are quite expensive.
    When planning the wedding by yourselves, one can cut on the expenses for the expertise of the coordinator plus you can look for direct suppliers of wedding items which i believe is a lot cheaper. In addition, you can decide on the go-about of your big day with some personal touch on it. On the other hand, planning your wedding can also be very stressful and might even cause commotion between the two of you along the planning and preparation process.
    So those who are planning to get married, decide on what best suits you and your partner and from that point, work on it! Good Luck!

    Saturday, January 10, 2009

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    Friday, January 9, 2009

    Flowers For You!

    Flowers is undeniably the one that brings life to any wedding banquet. Flowers are pick according to the color motif and the wedding theme. Florists should know that advantages and disadvantages of a particular flower with regard to the theme chosen. Like for example is in the case of a beach wedding, florist should chose a flower that doesn't readily wilt or is not too sensitive to the heat of the sun.

    Here are some of the flowers that are commonly use in wedding

    1. Chrysanthemums
    2. Lilium
    3. Gerbera
    4. Roses
    5. Calla Lily
    6. Carnations
    7. Orchids