Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Entourage

In formulating and finalizing the entourage, both of you must find time and spare at least half a day to sit down and go over it. Here in the Philippines, it has been a tradition that family members of both sides will be included in the list or else, one will get offended for haven't been invited to be one of the entourage. In a simple talk, it should be equal for both sides.
1. For Catholic Weddings, decide on the priest who will solemnize your marriage. For n0n-Catholics, decide on the pastor, judge or mayor who will do it.

2. Principal Sponsors. Decide on how many sponsors or ninongs and ninangs you will get. As much as possible, choose those who are most likely to attend the celebration. It is not nice to see that one of the sponsors is walking down the aisle alone.

3. Secondary Sponsors. Some couples preferred their married friends to be one of the sponsors but it is not necessary though.

4. Maid of Honor. She is usually the bride's single sister or bestfriend
Matron of Honor. She is usually the bride's married sister or bestfriend or anybody closest to her.

5. Best Man. Usually a brother or the bestfriend of the groom. Some preferred a bachelor friend.

6. Bridesmaids. Most of the time, they are from the bride's relative and friends but if the groom has a sister who is not married, she can also be one of the bridesmaid.

7. Groomsmen. They are the bridesmaids' partner. Maybe a relative or friend of the groom and also the bride.

8. Flower Girls and Bearers. They can be taken from both sides. Be sure that they are old enough to walk down the aisle alone and can f0llow instructions.

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