Monday, January 12, 2009

Wedding Planning

Every couple has the option to hire a coordinator or planner or plan the wedding by themselves. The advantages of hiring one is that the couple will be free of the responsibilities needed in the preparation, they are free from the stress brought about in the planning and preparation stages. In the contrary, one of the disadvantages in hiring a coordinator/planner is that it is expensive because you are paying for their expertise, connection to the suppliers and the supplies itself are quite expensive.
When planning the wedding by yourselves, one can cut on the expenses for the expertise of the coordinator plus you can look for direct suppliers of wedding items which i believe is a lot cheaper. In addition, you can decide on the go-about of your big day with some personal touch on it. On the other hand, planning your wedding can also be very stressful and might even cause commotion between the two of you along the planning and preparation process.
So those who are planning to get married, decide on what best suits you and your partner and from that point, work on it! Good Luck!

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