Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Faces of Love

Want to share this story to all of you who believes in love


Milton Berle once quipped that "all the world loves a lover --
except people who are waiting to use the phone."

Love has many faces. The faces we see so often are ones of
infatuation and romance. We speak of "falling in love" and feel,
too, as if we are in free fall. But the face of love I appreciate
the most is not romance, as much as I am drawn to it, but one I
can always count on to be there. It is the face of devotion.

I see that face in the couple who were engaging in a dinner time
disagreement. To the children's amazement, their father jumped up
from the table, grabbed two sheets of paper, and said to his
wife, "Let's make a list of everything we don't like
about each other." (I don't recommend the technique as an example
of healthy conflict management. But please finish the story....)

She agreed and proceeded to write. He, meanwhile, sat and
glowered. She looked up and he began to write. When she continued
listing complaints, he stared across the table at her. Again,
when she looked up he put pen to paper and continued writing. He
stopped to watch her, and every time she caught his eye, he wrote

They finally finished. "Let's exchange complaints," he said. They
gave each other their lists.

She glanced at his sheet and pleaded, "Give mine back!" All down
his sheet he had written: "I love you, I love you, I love you."
Their children have always remembered that moment with humor and

As much as I enjoy romance, it's an unwavering devotion that I
need the most. I need to know that love which says, "I will be
with you through it all." It is a face which can often be seen on
parents and grandparents, on spouses, and even on very good
friends. And it is a face which, when I gaze closely enough, I
can see in it something of the face of God.

If you haven't noticed that face lately, look closely. You might
be surprised where you find it!

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