Sunday, April 19, 2009

Five Preferred Weddings Songs

I grabbed this tag from my good friend, Meryl. She has been so nice to me and I discovered that we share the same interests. Thanks for this one ryl.

here are my five preferred wedding songs:
1. When God Made You - This song was sang by the group called Newsong. The lyrics simply captures my heart.
2. The Way You Look Tonight - this song was sang by micheal buble. Such a wonderful song, ideal for the couple's first dance
3. Someone Like You- this song was originally from the play Dr. Jekyl and Hyde. This was sang by my favorite Ms. Leah Salonga. It has a very nice lyrics and melody.
4. From This Moment - perfect song for couples exchanging their vows.
5. Seasons of Love - from the broadway musical "The Rent". Very nice lyrics!

The above mentioned are only a few of my preferred/favorite wedding songs. Check out my previous posts and you will see more!

Now, I'm tagging my friends Grace, Lizzie and you! Have fun sharing the songs that capture your heart!

Meme Rules:
1.Choose any song that fits the event. Any artist and genre will do.
2.Post your answers and tag five people in your list.
3. Don't forget to mention and link the person who invited you to play.

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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis, thanks for grabbing... i like your preferred wedding songs ^_^

you look so beautiful on your wedding...hi pala ke hubby..hehe. both of you look good together

love your pic ^_^