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Color Motif

In Choosing a Color Motif depends on the couple's preferences. Some would opt to choose the latest or the trendiest color at present while other would choose a color that would match the season like for examples is a summer wedding, colors yellow, orange and fire red are usually the choice. Some couple on the other hand chooses their favorite color at their bases for their color motif. At present, due to many preferences, the couple can choose to have a combination of two or three color for their special occasions

Here are some color motif that might suit your taste!


It doesn't have to be fire engine red to be bold. Red in all it's forms is a color that makes a statement. If you are having a holiday wedding, the traditional Christmas or Valentine's red might be an economical choice, as your reception location may already have decorations using this color that you can "borrow" for you wedding.

If you prefer red in its subtler permutations, like burgundy, maroon and other deep red colors, an evening wedding or fall theme wedding would make these shades a natural. For coordinating colors, think of the shades of a sunset or brilliant autumn foliage - burnt orange, rust, maize. Silver is an excellent highlight, as are deep greens like hunter. These shades also compliment renaissance and medieval theme weddings.

Red is also a fantastic color for an Asian themed wedding, such as a Chinese theme wedding - particularly combined with gold and blue.


Blue, especially in it's midnight shades, is a very slimming color for bridesmaids. Sky blue is perfect for a spring wedding, especially an outdoor wedding, and goes beautifully with almost all shades of yellow and orange.

Blue is a very versatile color and can fit into almost any wedding theme, but it's almost a must for a beach theme wedding, especially combined with crisp whites and bright yellow.

Blue flowers are hard to find, but ask your florist about lisianthus - sometimes called the blue rose.


Green, ranging from crisp grassy shades to deep hunter colors, is versatile and can work with many wedding themes.

A spring wedding, using a green shade like celadon is lovely, and combines perfectly with other spring colors, especially shades of yellow. When thinking of what to combine with your greens, think of how nature uses green to fantastic advantage with almost every shade there is. Think tulips!


Yellow is another color that plays well with others. It's stunning with blues, greens and oranges, and can compliment a beach wedding, garden wedding, and spring, summer and fall affairs in all its hues. For an evening wedding, yellow can pick up the colors of the moon and stars in a pale hue combined with midnight blue.


Winter Theme Weddings

For winter theme weddings, snow white, platinum and cranberry look magical. Add touches of deep berry colors to your accessories and drape the bridesmaids in thick , dark red velvet shawls. Bouquets can be made with both white and red roses with sprigs of berry twigs and Swarovski crystal bouquet stems.

Try to stay clear of traditional Christmas colors - forest green, bright red and brass. Select colors that remind you of a winter's day.

Other colors that are reminiscent of winter:

  • Aubergine or eggplant
  • Evergreen grey-green
  • Black
  • Light rose

Beach Weddings

Select natural colors that compliment the sea such as taupe, silver and aqua. Bridesmaids can be dressed in aquamarine silk dresses with crystal and pearl chokers. Bouquets can be simple with curly willow, and vanilla roses.

Capture the feeling by using shells and sand in your centerpieces. Some other colors that work well for a beach them wedding:

  • Chocolate
  • Buttercup yellow
  • Sunset colors - rust, dark red, maze

Evening Weddings

While shiny, brassy golds are not in fashion, antiqued golds are. Antiqued, soft golds go well with creamy ivory and soft, dusted rose. A deep burgundy can be used as an accent. Look to traditional Indian wedding costume for inspiration. Embroidered golden thread with tiny pearls and crystals - there is nothing more elegant.

Classic silver and ice blue work well agains a pitch black canopy of stars.

Renaissance Weddings and Medieval Theme

If you are having a renaissance theme wedding, dark colors and thick fabrics work well. Perhaps a lavish brocade or velvet? Deep colors such as forest green, burgundy, royal blue and red work great for renaissance wedding themes.

Hawaiian or Tropical Theme

Navy blue with white and yellow floral accents look lovely. Choose tropical colors like aqua, blue and bright red. The colors mentioned above under "Beach Weddings" will also work well.

Asian Theme Weddings - Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese Weddings

For Chinese or Vietnamese weddings, choose golds, reds and bright blues.

For a Japanese theme wedding, think utra-zen with stone grey, sage green and bark brown. Use the colors of seasonal orchids like hot purple and fuschia.

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