Monday, March 8, 2010

Bon Voyage

My friend is leaving soon and my co-nurses and I planned for some despedida party for her. Liezl rented the venue for us and all other things and specific details were delegated among our group. We went early to decorate the venue, prepare the food and clean the place. Other invited guest arrived at around 5 in the afternoon. The place was completely jammed pack during dinner time. After dinner, soda and hard drinks were served. Everybody was having a blast! It was 12 midnyt when we hit the pools. We plunged for about 30 minutes and freshened up. We went to bed at ar0und 4 am after almost everybody was down with alcohol. Indeed it was nice way to send off our dear friend to the next phase of her life. im sure she will never forget that very day when she literally threw up all she took in during dinner.

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