Sunday, October 17, 2010

Purple Perfect

I have been helping out my friend in preparing for her wedding. One of her biggest worries is to find a perfect wedding invitation for her big day. We keep on looking over the internet for some designs and some nice wordings for the invites. My friend wanted to keep it simple with compromising the elegant elements. We were indeed feeling lucky that time that we came across this nice site that caters all wedding needs that every couple dream of.
My wanted her motif to be somewhere in between pink and violet, as these are her favorite colors. I suggested to her the purple wedding invitation we saw at the website, it exudes class and elegance, perfectly fit for the occasion. She instantaneously agreed with me and personally handpicked the purple riches design for her. Good thing we have wedding sites nowadays that could assist us in our wedding preparations. To all who are planning for their big day, you may want to start working in the convenient of your own home.

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