Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Back to work today, woke up early but end up late. I was 7 minutes late! my first late for november. Was kind of bad tripped but had to let it pass. It was partly my fault. Anyways, I went to PICU where I was scheduled to report as reliever. We only had 2 patients and thank God they have stable vital signs even though their are both intubated. I was with one picu staff and one trainee. At around 8 am i received a phone call from the senior nurse of one of wards where I was working, she told me to attend the policy making session since our senior was on leave. I left PICU and went to the library where the session is. Head nurses of all the department of Mindanao Heart Center were there plus our supervisor. The session was kind of heavy and very tiring. Policy making is indeed not an easy thing to do for a junior staff like me. But on the other hand, I enjoyed the day, I learned a lot from the experience, plus we were treated for lunch by our supervisor. The session was fruitful in a way, another session will be considered since most of the units were just halfway through.

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