Monday, November 8, 2010


Monday night was the best! Had dinner with popsie at wings and dip. It was a dream come true because I have been craving for pasta since morning. Wings and Dips is situated at Mabini St., here in Davao City. It's a small place but cozy and conducive for eating. Their main specialty is Buffalo Wings! yum! yum!yum! They offer combo meals that are of reasonable prices. I ordered the meal with Buffalo wings with garlic flavor plus blue cheese dip with hungarian pasta and a side dish of mashed potato, Pops got honey barbeque flavored wings with mustard dip, bolognese pasta and a side dish of corn and carrots. We were contented with what we ate that we left the place super full.

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Drew said...

Thank you for liking our food. we'd love to see you back here. God bless.